Thrive Provision

We’re proud to have recently launched a Thrive provision which is set within the therapeutic surroundings of a farm. The provision is founded on the principles of THRIVE, which seeks to understand what a child needs, rather than what we think a child needs, and is run by Thrive practitioners and mentors.

We provide a safe environment which meets the student’s social, emotional and mental health needs. We work closely with the student, their school and family to ensure we support and enable them to be both successful with us and in their school environment. Daily attendance is reported to the student’s school. We also provide weekly update reports focusing on engagement and progress. This therapeutic approach to education is offered through project-based learning. Students who attend this provision are aged between 11 and 17.

Stunning views of the countryside

Reach overarching aim is to provide young people with opportunities and experiences that enable them to meet their unmet development needs surrounding their social, emotional, and mental health, enabling them to transition from survivor to Thriver. 
  • Improved sense of self-worth
  • Positive relationships with pears and adults
  • Sense of belonging
  • Skills to transition either back into school, adulthood, or next setting
  • Entry level / level 1 qualifications (for young people in YR 9 – YR 11)

Day Structure:

The timetable will be a bespoke package of the below based on the young persons need and interests:
  • Right time development group work focusing on identity and gender, connecting with peers and establishing independence.
  • Animal care (Entry level - level 2 qualification available)
  • Healthy living (ASDAN qualifications available)
  • Expressive arts, this will consist of textiles, sculpture, fine art, abstract art, and much more (entry level - level 2 qualification are available)
  • Sensory workshop - establishing sensory diet for those that need it
  • Self-confidence and self-worth
  • Individuals Thrive sessions 
Thrive provision runs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 10am-2pm.  Lunch is provided. 

Our thrive provision service aims to:

·         Improve social skills
·         Improve emotional development and self-regulation
·         Improve life skills and aspirations
·         Improve self-confidence and self-worth

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