We understand that every child and young person will have different needs and circumstances that affect their learning and development. We’re committed to making a difference in the lives of children and young people by providing tailored educational services. We can offer a bespoke package which best suits the needs of the individual pupil. 

We’re proud to have a team of educators who have a wealth of experience in supporting children and young people. We’re experienced in working with pupils who are at risk of permanent exclusion and students with SEMH needs. Our tuition service is currently contracted with Essex County Council, we’re also a Suffolk County Council Quality Assured provider. 
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Individualised Tuition for Pupils with Special Educational Needs

REACH develops a personalised timetable for our students to meet their individual needs. Our tutors will assess students to identify any gaps in learning and work creatively with them to ensure they are supported to make good progress. We’ll collaborate with all relevant professionals to ensure the student’s holistic needs are central to our education provision. Tuition sessions are no longer than 3 hours per day, they are often provided one-to-one and can be carried out in the familiar surroundings of the student’s home or in the local community. Daily attendance is reported to the student’s school, and we provide weekly update reports, focusing on their engagement and progress. 

All our tutors are specialised in working with students who have SEN and have undergone extensive training to ensure that they are up to date with the latest skills, knowledge and resources. This ensures students are supported appropriately and can make sustained progress in their specific subject areas. 

Our Education Consultancy Service

Our Educational Consultants specialise in inclusion for young people with SEMH needs. We have extensive experience of embedding a therapeutic approach to education, developing and implementing nurture groups, and enhancing inclusion within both mainstream and specialist educational settings. 

We’ll work with you to deliver a structured consultancy package specifically tailored to your school. This may incorporate a school audit, development of recommendations and an action plan. 

Our education service aims to:

  • Provide specialist support relating to social, emotional and mental health needs
  • Provide mentoring to the Senior Management Team 
  • Provision of tailored staff training 
  • In-house support and advice for the professional development of staff 
  • Supporting SENCOs and Inclusion Managers in their roles around SEMH

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